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Kathryn Aleksa

Owner, Head Coach

I am Kathryn (Kate) Aleksa. I am the mastermind behind the classes and originator of the popular group fitness model "synergy." I have been spending my days in the gym as a competitive gymnast for 9 years,  training in the gym for over 15 years ago and have been in business since 2012. I love fitness. Not for just the physical attributes but for the mental bliss it provides me. I believe fitness is a long journey, one that you must learn to love the process and let the results happen as a by product. I am a proud mom of twin boys (4) and a sweet little girl (5). I worked out through both my pregnancies and even on their delivery dates. With the approval of my doctors I returned to the gym 12 days post C-section AND delivery. I am a strong believer that your mind can overcome anything. And a fit and healthy body will too. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals. When you join Motivators, you become family to us. We know everyone's names and their families.  I believe I have the best job in the world because I am doing what I love with people I love to work with. 

Daniel Aleksa

Owner, ALPHA Coach

Meet my husband Dan. We met in a gym (how ironic I know..) Dan is the brain behind Motivators Personal Training. This was always a dream of his that I was lucky enough to start along with him. He developed the name and concept of what it means to motivate people to become the best versions of themselves. While a trainer himself for many years, Dan found a joy in competition in bodybuilding professionally. He even became Mr. Natural Philadelphia in 2018! Dan has set Motivators up with the impression that form and safety supersede all else. Once you develop proper form under the guidance of experienced coaches, you know have the tools to succeed. While Dan helps run the business in the background, he runs a special weight training program 1-2x a year called ALPHA. This select bunch train along with Dan as they work on muscle tone, building and customized lifting. He is an amazing instructor with an  immense amount of knowledge in nutrition an fitness. We would not be here today if he didn't start this passion and hard work to start a business at the young age of 22.

Danny Markowski

Former Member turned Coach

Danny is energy. He is the mastermind behind all the beautiful artwork in the studio including his memorizing hand writing. 

Danny started out as a member with us hang over on his first session. Since then he has won countless of our weight loss challenges and has become an inspiration for men to utilize our program to change their lives. 

Since his time with us, this father of 4, has lost over 50lbs and totally changed his life forever. So much that this full-time teacher even became a certified trainer to help pass on his passion for fitness. 

His classes are always full of great energy and laughter as he is a very likeable guy who can relate to everyone. We are so happy to have him join us as a Coach. He has been in your exact shoes so he totally understands what it is like to feel nervous and new!

Melanie Bayani

Evening/Personal Training Coach

Melanie Alexandria Bayani is a Philadelphia native who has been in the fitness industry since 2005. She started her journey with Lucille Roberts and has been a certified trainer for 3 years now. She loves people and the vibes here at Motivators and cannot wait to see how she can help change and impact your life!

Mel is a mother of 6 children (4 of her own and 2 from marriage) and she adores watching her kids play sports and be artistic and creative. He favorite exercise is the Bulgarian split lunge and hip thrusts. Her least favorite are good mornings and RDLS. She is a unique blend of Irish and Filipina.  She s[specializes in strength training but loves to salsa dance and bike with her husband in her free time!

Come check her classes out at 5:30pm in the evenings!

Noreen Nolan

Former Member turned Coach

Noreen is a 51year old mother of 2 who grew up and still lives in Southampton. Her 2 kids keep her quite busy, Owen 16, Olivia 14 who are very muchinvolved into sports.

Noreen started at Motivators as a member in Dec 2018. She was looking for a change in her fitness routine. Having belonged to gyms for almost 30 years she struggled with going but not knowing what exactly to do. She needed a daily routine to follow, with a mix of strength and cardio.
“Motivators seems to be the perfect mix of CrossFit (without all the heavy weightlifting) and interval/circuit training. I like doing something different every day, while being challenged, and not getting stuck in a fitness rut.”

Aside from her full time job as a Project Manager at an engineering consulting firm, Noreen has been the Athletic Director of her kids’ school, heading up their CYO program. (Catholic Youth Organization) for 4 years.

She also proudly coached them in their sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

“With being in a leadership role of an organization and coach of various teams, I thought these skills would help me pivot into helping folks on their fitness journey.

Being active has always been a part of my life, so instead of cheering on kids from the sidelines, I can now cheer on my fellow Motivator member’s right by their side at the gym.”

Noreen she understands the mental and physical state of others having to fight through the same struggles.

“Whenever I am in a group class, I like making class fun and having a good time, so hopefully others will feel the same way if they give me the opportunity to lead them in class being their personal trainer!”

Maiko (Geicco with an M) Gardner

Former Member turned Coach

Maiko, a mother of 1, and new to the country, before coming to us as a member, never once held a pair dumbbells. She started with Motivators over 6 years ago in our Beginners classes. Since then she has permanently transformed her body and mind to be a fitness professional. Now a certified trainer, and a winner of many challenges, Maiko has worked her way up to be a part of the Motivators coaching team. She has a unique ability to relate to members as she was one for so long, and she knows exactly what to do to help ease your fears and feel right at home. She has a great eye for form and knows when to modify or intensify an exercise. She is a great addition to our team and we are beyond proud of her journey!

Maggie Bermudez

Substitute & Nutrition Coach

Maggie started out as a member of Motivators Personal Training. Throughout her journey she showed great amounts of strength and physical gains that propelled her into become a trainer herself. She became a certified trainer and worked with Motivators for over 2 years!

She is also a trainer at the NAC (Newtown Athletic Club). You will see Maggie from time to time as a special guest or fill-in for a sub. She also is an excellent nutrition coach and works with our members on targeting fat loss and dietary plans. 

We are so lucky to have Maggie remain part of our team and family as she is VERY experienced with our class system, with great form execution and she is a motivation to many members!